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Top 2 Chocolate Wholesale Market in Delhi

Chocolate Wholesale Market in Delhi is an ideal place to shop if you are a chocolate lover. The market offers a wide variety of chocolates from different brands. You can also find a variety of flavours, including milk, dark chocolates, and white chocolates. 

Prices are very reasonable, making it an excellent place to shop for chocolate. The market is also a great place to shop for gift items. Additionally, you can find gift boxes, gift baskets, and personalized chocolates. You can also find various novelty items, such as chocolate-covered strawberries and truffles.

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Sadar Bazaar

Chocolate Wholesale Market in Delhi

The finest acrylic and wood sheets are used to make the Chocolate Boxes. Our ornate chocolate boxes have sections perfect for holding chocolates in various shapes and sizes. These days, chocolate boxes are popular as tasteful and lovely presents for your loved ones on special days and celebrations. Advantages: Firstly, the packing procedure should be more comfortable. Secondly, it is simple to transport deals for all events and festivities.

Sadar Bazaar is most famous for the raw materials for making chocolates, including spatulas, designer moulds, creams, food colours, etc. Additionally, it has one proper Gali filled with these materials and is one of the best for chocolate makers or enthusiasts. 

  • Timings: 11 am to 6 pm
  • Closed Day: Sunday
  • Nearest Metro Station: Tiz Hazari (Red Line)
  • Bus Routes: 114+, 990E, 144A, 160, 166, and 901
  • Parking Availability: Yes, metro parking and particular organized parking
  • Must buy: designer moulds, creams, food colours, and other raw materials
  • Nearby Markets: Moti Bazaar, Khari Bawli, Chawri Bazaar and Chandni Chowk
  • Easy Food Availability: Yes, very easily available and famous

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Karol Bagh 

Karol Bagh Chocolate Market

The fact that Gaffar Market’s aisles are always packed with people indicates that it is regarded as one of Asia’s largest electrical markets. Located in the Karol Bagh district, the bazaar is well-known for its Chinese goods and imported mobile phones. Rumour has it that the latest iPhone model was on sale months before it was officially released. Several stores here specialize in fixing cell phones and their components. 

The market is also well-known for importing crystals. The designs of the many showpieces, dinnerware, and crystal vases are unique. Karol Bagh is the closest station; you may take the metro to this market. It is strongly advised against driving in the area due to the persistent parking issues.

Similarly, everything imported can be found here; imported chocolates are one of the specialities of this area. Moreover, Karol Bagh is the hub for the Imported Chocolate wholesale market in Delhi, where chocolates worldwide are found and sold at minimum prices. 

  • Timings: 10 am to 8 pm
  • Closed Day: Monday
  • Nearest Metro Station: Karol Bagh ( Blue Line)
  • Bus Routes: 953, 181A, 166, and 775A
  • Parking Availability: Yes
  • Must buy: Imported chocolates from worldwide
  • Nearby Markets: Gaffar Market, Ajmal Khan Road, and Tank Road 
  • Easy Food Availability: Yes, very readily available

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All in all, the Wholesale markets in Delhi are a great place to shop for chocolates and gift items. You can also find a variety of other delicacies, such as cookies and cakes. You can also find items for special occasions, such as chocolate-covered lollipops and truffles. Thus, the market has something for everyone, making it the go-to destination for chocolate lovers.

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