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Top 2 T-Shirt Wholesale Market in Delhi

Delhi is one of the most famous cities in the world for its lively markets and wide range of shopping options. It is the busy capital city of India. If you want to know about the two best trade markets in Delhi that sell t-shirts in bulk, you’re in luck.

There are several places spread out across the city where you can buy a wide range of T-Shirt Wholesale Market in Delhi at cheap rates.

In wholesale markets in Delhi, there are many options to meet your needs, whether you are a shop, a business owner, or a person who wants to buy a lot of t-shirts. Our goal is to look into the Delhi bulk market for t-shirts and discover the top spots to go on a shopping trip for these items.

Gandhi Nagar

You can indulge in some retail therapy at this wholesale market. It is the market in Gandhinagar, which is located in Delhi. The Seelampur metro station, which is located close to West Kantinagar, is where it is located. There are anything from three to twelve pieces of each item, whether it be pants, a T-shirt, or a shirt. You will be required to purchase these garments in exactly this manner. You are unable to purchase only one component.

These garments are designed with the people of the middle class in mind when they are manufactured. The ability to wear branded clothing is not universal. By going to this market, he will be able to get suitable clothing for his requirements. Not only are garments manufactured at this market, but they are also sold here after being brought in from other well-known locations. The t-shirts sold here originate from Tirpur, while the ladies’ tops and outfits are imported from Lucknow.

For Rs 140, you may purchase three shirts.

T-Shirt Wholesale Market in Delhi

A single pair of three shirts may be purchased at this market for Rs 140. In other words, the price of a single shirt will be around 46 rupees. These shirts are going to be for youngsters that are 15 years old. In addition to this, you will also be able to purchase T-shirts for young children for around Rs 120. These shirts will also be of a three-piece set. In addition to that, you will get adult T-shirts. There are also t-shirts available here that range in size from small to XL to XLL. Who will have a beginning price of thirty rupees?

Moreover, at this market, you may get jeans for a price of Rs 140. Again, you will be required to take between three and four pieces. The jeans that are the most costly that you will be able to purchase will cost you Rs 350. Additionally, all sizes of jeans, from size 22 to size 40, are available for purchase here. You will only get jeans of a single hue when you purchase a pair of jeans.

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A great deal of bargaining takes place.

Despite the fact that the prices are so low, there is a great deal of haggling in this market. Make a deal anytime you visit this location. It’s possible that the rates are much lower. In addition, tops and outfits for girls are readily accessible here at prices that are affordable. In addition, sarees for females and shots for boys will be available. There are no pre-owned garments available at this location. All of the press goods may be found in this shop.

  • Time: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Monday is the day that it is closed.
  • Seelampur is the nearest metro station (Red Line).
  • Bus Routes: MC1372, YMS (-), 310, 316, and
  • There Is No Parking
  • Shastri Park and Krishna Nagar are two nearby markets.
  • Easy Access to Food: Getting food is quite simple.

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Karol Bagh(Tank Road)

T-Shirt Wholesale Market in Delhi

Karol Bagh Market, one of Delhi’s most well-known shopping hubs, has developed a reputation for displaying the diverse variety of apparel choices available. There are many wholesale t-shirt suppliers here that that offer innumerable styles and designs with many colours and sizes based on diverse competencies. 

Because of these clothes and products, Karol Bagh Market is having a tight budget – pleasant estimation and is among the prioritized markets that attract many retailers and corporate categories looking for a reasonable package of t-shirts. Karol Bagh Market is a must-visit spot due to its alluring ambiance and a wide array of offerings for many wholesale traders; thus, do visit it.

  • Time: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Monday is the day that it is closed.
  • The nearest metro station (Blue Line) is Karol Bagh.
  • Bus routes: 953; 166; 181A; 775A; 181A.
  • There Is Parking Available: Sure
  • Nearby markets include Ajmal Khan Road Market, Arya Samaj Road Market, and Gaffar
  • Market.
  • Simple Food Availability: a range of establishments and street food

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If you are someone who enjoys shopping in bulk, Delhi is an incredible location to do so, and there are numerous other oot options available for a t-shirt as well. Gandhi Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Sadar Bazaar, Kamla Nagar, and Karol Bagh markets provide an abundance of t-shirt vendors to select from. 

Every market has numerous alternatives to choose from. Finally, if you are interested to buy more t shirts for you or to your business, just go to these Delhi wholesale marketplaces. Lastly, there you can find enormous options of high-quality t-shirts which are available at low prices to bulk buyers.

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