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As the nation’s capital, New Delhi is home to some of the greatest furniture markets in the city, in addition to fantastic tourist destinations. Taking into consideration these wholesale rates for the Delhi furniture market is a great choice whether you want to remodel the whole home or only choose a few pieces.

This post will provide you with a quick overview of all the well-known marketplaces you should visit while looking for furniture.


In the event that Kirti Nagar doesn’t have what you’re seeking out, for likely doesn’t exist at all. A portion of the Punjabi Bagh subzone, this locale is domestic to over 500 wholesalers and stores, making it the greatest furniture showcase in Asia.

You can discover furniture and embellishments for your domestic in numerous places, but it’s useful to investigate an advertisement that specializes in these things. The Kirti Nagar furniture advertisement may be a goal for those building up a modern domestic and looking for high-quality decorations at reasonable prices.

It’s a favor showcase, not to be confounded with the ordinarily swarmed markets of Ancient Delhi or other insect markets around town. It could be a well-constructed showcase region fitting for the kind of item it exchanges within. The stores here are scattered all through the contribute, dabbed along a few minor streets, and are arranged right following a major street.

The closest metro station: Kirti Nagar (Blue Line)

Bus routes: 877 and 108 connect to Kirti Nagar.

Closed day: Monday

Best Time for Shopping: Weekdays

Market Timings: 10 am to 9 pm

Parking Availability: Yes


Individuals in the Panchkuian Furniture Market may browse classic, modern, and custom-made furniture. A varied selection suits various tastes in the market. The market offers furniture shoppers a complete shopping experience, whether they’re looking for something specific or browsing.

The Panchkuian Furniture Market is conveniently accessible from all parts of the city due to its central location in New Delhi. It’s a handy place to shop for furniture because of its proximity to other business and residential areas.

Taxis, autorickshaws, and public buses are only a few of the transit options that link the market to its surroundings. The market offers parking for individuals bringing their cars; however, it may become busy in the morning and afternoon.

Only the bottom level is used for the market; the upper floors are set aside for offices. The market is quite affordable, and the price of the couch you would get here is the best available. The stores also provide customers with home delivery options, although there is an additional fee associated with this.

The closest metro station: R.K. Ashram (Blue Line)

Bus routes: 859A, 157A, 352, 521, 522CL, 610A, 85,and 156

Closed day: Sunday(few stores)

Best Time for Shopping: Weekdays

Market Timings: 10 am to 9 pm

Parking Availability: Yes


The market on Jail Road is greatly underestimated. But, you would be surprised to learn that it is a hidden gem—among the greatest furniture marketplaces, offering premium furniture at very low prices. This market has over 400 stores that provide new, used, and even customized furniture for sale.

One of the most ignored markets in West Delhi is the Jail Road Market, which stretches from Hari Nagar to Tilak Nagar. You will be amazed at how the shops are set up in the market, one after the other, each offering the most beautiful, affordable, and high-quality furniture along with designer beds, curtains, and other accessories.

In addition to the wooden furniture, you may simultaneously browse beds, artwork, curtains, and other products. This is the well-known antique market of Delhi’s furniture markets because of the reasonably priced furniture available.

The closest metro station: Tilak Nagar (Blue Line)

Bus routes: AC- 546, 849, 588, 73, 776, 793, 808, and AC-628

Closed day: Wednesday

Best Time for Shopping: Weekdays

Market Timings: 10 am to 9/10 pm

Parking Availability: Yes


Situated in the bustling center of South Delhi, Amar Colony Furniture Market is a charming place for anyone looking to add a variety of chic and varied home décor pieces to their living areas. For those who enjoy home décor, it’s a lively place with a market that offers a symphony of style and a tasteful mix of furniture, antiques, and handicrafts that will surely elevate your living spaces.

If you’re looking for furniture that’s colonial-style, affordable, eclectic, vintage, antique, or second-hand, the Amar Colony furniture market in Delhi is the place to go.

One may choose from a wide variety of affordable things, including tables, chairs, bookshelves, chic furniture, magazine racks, lighting fixtures, curtains, and wall paintings.

The nicest thing about this market is that you may haggle and, in the event that you see wear and tear, get an additional discount in addition to receiving a speedy paint repair.

The closest metro station: Moolchand (Violet Line)

Bus routes: 334, 418A, 433, 433STL, 447, 450, and 894CL

Closed day: Monday

Best Time for Shopping: Weekdays

Market Timings: 10 am to 8 pm

Parking Availablity: Yes


The next time you feel like redecorating your home, save Sharma Farms as a favorite since it has one of the greatest selections of furniture, antiques, and antique furniture.

A closed-off furniture market at Sharma Farms in Chattarpur, behind the gate next to the Oodles Hotel, on the route from Tivoli. With so many different types of furniture available, one may anticipate finding affordable vintage, cut-out work, wine holders, doors, panels, temple-inspired pillars and statues, Indian-inspired furniture, and many more items at this wholesale furniture market in Delhi.

At Sharma Farms, you may purchase décor pieces, antiques, and collector furniture ranging from Rs 500 to Rs four lakhs (for genuine pieces). You may get everything from elaborate grandpa clocks to decorate your hallway to marble and stone sculptures and waterfalls for your garden, unique mirrors for your home, powerful paintings for the bedroom, and ornate wooden panels painted in the Tibetan style to do with as you like.

When visiting this location, two crucial things to remember are to negotiate and to arrive with a certain amount of patience.

The closest metro station: Millennium City (Yellow Line)

Bus routes: 428, 500, 534, 534A, CBD3(+), OMS (-)

Closed day: None

Best Time for Shopping: Weekdays

Market Timings:  10 am to 6 pm

Parking Availablity: Yes(no specific allocated parking)


Munirka Furniture Market is the best option if you’re searching for the most affordable wholesale furniture market in Delhi. This South Delhi market, which is close to Vasant Kunj, has more than 50 stores that provide fine furnishings. Second-hand furniture is a specialty of Munirka Furniture stores.

This Delhi wholesale furniture market offers a wide assortment of furniture, from trendy options to antique pieces. Always ask about discounts for larger purchases when you’re at Munirka Furniture Market.

Elegant furniture alternatives crafted from the highest quality wood may be found in Munirka Market. This place has everything you need for heavy furniture, including workstations, cabinets, couch sets, and more. Considering the amount you will pay, the quality of the furniture is exceptional.

When you visit the market, don’t forget to check out Dharambir and Ansari Furniture House. Munirka is so well-liked that it even has its metro station, so there’s no need to venture elsewhere to find this shoppers’ paradise.

The closest metro station: Munirka (Magenta Line)

Bus routes: 448, 507CL, 615, 764, 836, and 578LTD

Closed day: None

Best Time for Shopping: Weekdays

Market Timings:  9 am to 8:30 pm

Parking Availablity: Yes


A popular shopping destination, Karol Bagh Furniture Market has a mix of high-end and traditional retailers. There are also a few family-run businesses in the market that have been selling home goods for a while.

The Karol Bagh wholesale furniture market is home to several stores, each of which sells distinctive goods. Visitors from all across the nation come here to get reasonably priced, high-quality furniture. In addition to furniture, stores sell curtains, bed linens, cushion coverings, and bathroom accessories.

For individuals in Delhi who are searching for inexpensive furnishings, Karol Bagh is a great place to go. It features a metro station and is close to the Sarai Rohilla railway station.

With several furniture stores opening up one after the other, one may go homeware shopping and see a wide range of products firsthand. Additionally, seeing the online video of the Delhi furniture market in Karol Bagh can clear up any uncertainty you may have about what to anticipate from the market.

The closest metro station: Karol Bagh (Blue Line)

Bus routes: 310, 316, 522CL, 751, 753, 859, and 894CL

Closed day: Monday

Best Time for Shopping: Weekdays

Market Timings:  10 am to 8:30 pm

Parking Availablity: Yes

If you’re looking for reasonably priced furniture, another place to look is the Rohini furniture market, where you can get comparable items.

Other places to look for furniture and other household necessities are Pankha Road, Wednesday Market at Select City Walk, Saket and Ghitorni, and Aya Nagar’s Khan Market.

If you’re remodeling your house or about to make a furniture purchase, bookmark this article because a helpful list will always help you find the best deal while saving time and money.

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