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Rubber Gym Mats
Rubber Gyms Mats aren’t just made to protect you from the potentially infected hard floors. It is equally essential to maintain body balance and stay grounded. When the floors get slippery due to body sweat or water dripping from a bottle, it can lead to the risk of falling and injuring yourself. Thanks to the rubber’s higher coefficient of friction which prevents such accidents.

Rubber Gym Tiles
Whether it is your personal fitness space or a gym, a rubber workout floor like rubber tiles are useful in creating a perfect setup with quick installation. Almost every other gym equipment can be positioned, with reliability that both the equipment and internal floor doesn’t go through any damages.

Gym Rubber Rolls
This is another rubber fitness flooring available in custom cut-out rolls. The gym rubber rolls are perfect partners of the commercial gyms and fitness studios. These rubberised floorings for the gyms have not only provided floor and equipment protection but also acted as a cushion to ones working out there

There is no other better feeling to finally open up to a fitness studio or gym and bidding goodbye to the sedentary lifestyle practices. Indeed, it requires tremendous dedication and determination to keep this ongoing date with the merciless physical activities. As you trudge in the gym, after sweating you will notice the floors feel squishy and little bouncy. This is because commercial gyms, workout and fitness studios have rubber gym floorings. This critical item is meant to shield the subfloors and gym machinery and equipment against the abrasion and rough conditions. Moreover, it serves as a layer of protection between you and the hard floor and provides a cushioning effect to prevent accidental fall-offs. No doubt, why rubber floorings have been popularised in the markets by the commercial gyms.

If you do a little homework about it, then you easily pick the mats and create your own rubber exercise flooring. Alternatively, you can have your personalised rubber flooring for basement gym setup by using interlocking workout tiles. These rubber tiles are becoming a popular item in the market, and you get to pick from the multiple thickness variations that can be the right choice to protect your subfloors. Overall, you will find a lot of versatility in rubber flooring for home gym and commercial gym, as the material is durable, resilient and shock-absorbent. There are a lot of colour choices and designs that create an aesthetic appeal. The gym rubber flooring prices are very economical, and this is one of the practical reasons why it has become synonymous with different workout spaces.

Reasons why rubber floorings are preferred in gyms:
High Resiliency: Why gyms and other workout spaces buy rubber gym flooring is due to the material’s strength and resilience. It has a capacity to endure the pressure of various exercises that you perform, starting from the jumping jacks to lifting heavyweights. The high strength of the rubber ensures that the flooring will not get damaged from the high volumes of foot traffic and instead it will recoil to its original shape. The natural elasticity of rubber will provide comfort and ease for many sweat burning sessions to come.

Floor and Equipment Protection: This is one of the essential reasons why everyone looks for rubber flooring for the workout room. The hard floor and gym’s equipment and machinery work against each other. The base floor can go through damages like dents and scuffs if not protected adequately. Similarly, the gym’s heavy equipment can go through wear and tear when they are put down on the hard floor. The rubber’s elasticity prevents this collision and serves as a barrier between the floor and the equipment.

Natural Traction: There are many different ways in which we tend to work out. Whatever be the choice, you must stay grounded and maintain body balance. The hard floors can easily become slippery due to your sweat or water bottle that can put you in the risk of hazards like falling and injuring yourself. However, the rubber’s innate high coefficient of friction, ensures that you burn out your workout session without worrying about falling down.

Noise Reduction: A workout routine involves rigorous activities that generate noise. It can be anything like clang and clatter while putting down the heavy dumbbells, intense cardio or using or spinning machine. The sounds are unpleasant, and you require a floor that reduces this effect. Rubber is also known for its shock absorbency and dampens all noises and impacts of vibration.

Comfort: If you can’t afford to spend money in lavish gyms, then get cheap rubber flooring for a home gym and start your workout sessions. Rubber is a good way to initiate the process as it is a naturally shock-absorbent material. The elasticity of rubber has been effective in reducing impacts on bones, joints and muscles, especially when you are stretching to perform cardio, pilates and yoga.

Needs lesser maintenance: There is a prevailing misconception among the people that rubber floors are extremely difficult to maintain. However, rubbers are hard and rigid to a certain degree which makes it quite easy to clean. These floors do not require any unique cleaning mechanism. You can clean the rubber floors regularly with the help of a vacuum and remove all dust and debris. Since it is non-porous, no dust particles, moulds and mildew can breed on the surface. You can simply mop the floor in a week with a mixture of water and a mild cleanser to remove hard stains. In case, there are any spills on the surface make a habit of cleaning the floors instantly. Avoid using harsh chemicals that can damage the floors. If you take care of the floors and implement these solutions, then a rubber flooring can last up to 20 years.

Convenient installation: Unlike the other commercial flooring options where it requires a few days to complete the floorings, the rubber flooring tiles and mats can be easily installed. These don’t need any permanent affixing. On the other hand, if you select a custom cut rubber roll, then minimal adhesive and double side taping are enough to keep the material intact on the base floor. Due to the ease of this process, you can get the cheapest rubber flooring for a gym that saves the cost of installation.

Recyclable and Eco-Friendly: Rubber is basically a natural material that is sourced from the sap of a rubber tree. So if you believe in the idea of protecting your environment, then it is a great choice. The sap is extracted from the rubber trees without harming them. Being a highly renewable product, it can be recycled as well without putting any burden for increasing carbon footprints. Recently many playground surfaces have been spotted using the byproducts of these recycled rubber floorings.

The best rubber gym flooring offers comfort and ease due to its inherent characteristics which makes them completely functional. The floorings act as a soft cushion underfoot between you and the hard floor when you are exercising. This universal item is the most sought after material in the fitness landscape as the gym rubber flooring price is extremely nominal and ranges somewhere between INR 60-100 per square foot.

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