As technology is progressing, people are looking forward to the flooring options that have multi-functional utility. The entire concept of flooring is not limited to aesthetics only. Rather, the floors must be able to sustain the mishandlings and abuses and should not collapse within a few years. In such circumstances, we see rubber floors are emerging as a reliable flooring solution in the market landscape. The interlocking rubber tiles are quite popular among the buyers as these can be installed quite conveniently in different spaces. The interlocking rubber floor tiles for outdoor uses have found prominence in areas like the playground where small children are safeguarded against hazards like injuries and accidents. Similarly, kitchens, bathrooms, garages and other living spaces can be easily covered with interlocking rubber flooring for residential uses.

Interlocking Rubber Tiles in Different Spaces:
Gym: Be it a home gym or a commercial gym; people have become more health-conscious and are including physical activities in their daily lifestyle routine. The interlocking foam rubber floor tiles ranging in different sizes and thickness are a popular flooring choice when it comes to workout related activities. The higher coefficient of friction provides natural traction and helps to maintain a steady body balance. Among many other reasons, a layer of rubber flooring prevents the hard floor and the gym equipment against damage and other impairments.

Playground: The littles ones are always full of energy when they visit the playground. They are into some sort of mischief that exposes them to a higher risk of accidental hazards. Now there are various types of interlocking rubber floor tiles available for a playground like slide rubber tiles, swing rubber tiles, etc. The rubber flooring keeps all your worries at bay since it absorbs all sorts of impacts and vibrations and offers a protective cushioning to the child.

Outdoor Spaces: Rubber floorings are known for being resilient, slip-proof and withstand the altering conditions of the weather. These outdoor interlocking rubber tiles provide a cool and comfortable underfoot compared to the concrete floors even when direct sunlight hits on the ground. Besides, it gives excellent support to maintain the balance in areas near the pool decks where water activities are high.

Garage: The locking rubber floor tiles can be very conveniently introduced in your residential space like a garage. This area has to withstand the load of the bulk vehicle. Rubber has high tensile strength with heavy load-bearing durability that offer protection to the base surface. The non-porosity of rubber doesn’t allow any moisture to be leaked down. Any oil-based spills from lubricants, greases and mobiles can also be clean and sanitized quickly with the help of a warm moist cloth.

Bathrooms: A place like a bathroom that is often related to moist and damp conditions needs a floor that is sturdy and reliable. Interlocking rubber floor tiles for bathroom is a good option since rubber is impervious to water and doesn’t let other bacteria, fungi, moulds, etc., to breed on the surface. Rubber is slip-resistance and offers natural traction owing to its higher coefficient of friction. Available in different designs and colours, it augments the aesthetics of the space.

Kitchen: The interlocking rubber floor tiles in the kitchen area offers an array of functional utility compared to other flooring options. Rubber tiles are extremely resilient and provide comfort cushioning under feet even when you have to stand for hours and prepare your meal. The shock-absorbency of rubber also prevents breaking of plates, bowls and other cooking utensils. Also, water-related activities are not promoted in rubber floorings. The modern-day rubber tiles are available in various colour palates and pattern, which make them an exquisite item to be introduced in the kitchen floorings.

The interlocking rubber flooring can be easily connected and installed on the floors by following the DIY instructions. The simple mechanism of joining the interlocking rubber edges eliminates the need for using messy caulks and adhesives. The rubber interlocking floor tiles are a cheap solution for flooring for its cost-effectiveness, and also there is no additional need for installation charges.

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