Rubber Flooring

Residential Rubber Flooring

residential rubber flooring

Rubber being sturdy and long-lasting provides a great protective surface for residential flooring. Owing to the elastic nature of the rubbers, it gives a more fantastic feel to stand below. The durable rubber flooring for different residential spaces is designed in two ways. The most typical ones are sold in tiles cuts while another form of the flooring consists of wide strips of custom cut rubber rolls.

Outdoor Rubber Flooring

outdoor rubber flooring

If you are tired of burning your feet in the hot pavers of your backyard, pool deck, patio and others, then it’s time to buy the rubber flooring. These slip safe, versatile materials not only provide you safety but also helps in creating a graceful recreational space.


Commercial Rubber Flooring

Commercial Rubber Flooring

Did you know a durable rubber flooring can help your business to save an ample amount of money, time and labour? This multifunctional flooring solution protects the subfloor floor from internal damages which would otherwise result in costly repairs. Restaurants, libraries, gyms, dance studios, swimming pools, you name it and all these areas are covered easily with rubber floorings that witness heavy traffic on a regular basis.


Rubber Tiles

square rubber tiles

Rubber tiles are comprised of a variety of materials like virgin rubber, synthetic rubber, or recycled rubber material. Typically these tiles come in a square shape but can be easily customized into different shapes and sizes of the space according to the need of the customer.


Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber Floor Mats

A rubber floor mat is the most ubiquitous item that serves for a protective purpose. This durable and inexpensive product can be introduced in different areas like residential, commercial, and industrial venues.


Rubber Flooring Rolls

rubber flooring roll

If you are searching for an affordable rubber flooring option, then rubber flooring rolls are fit for your need. These dimensional rubber rolls can naturally adapt to the wide array of a floor layout pattern and can be installed quickly.


Gym Flooring

gym flooring

Did you ever realize the heavy-weights and machinery in your gyms and the hard floor do not complement each other? Both of them can damage each other. This is where rubber utility flooring can be an ideal way to prevent the damage of floors as well as the wear and tear of the gym equipment. That is why rubber floors have become synonymous with gyms and fitness studios.


Are you looking for a flooring solution having more versatile features and durability? In recent years, homeowners have shifted to adapting rubber flooring as a more accessible surface choice for their homes. Most often, rubber flooring has been associated with spaces like hospitals and gyms. However, the material has been effectively developed as an interior decoration option for it adds a distinctive taste and quite easily accommodates heavy foot traffic. Out there in the market, you can get various rubber flooring designs that can help in creating your own workout room or an enduring base for heavy traffic areas like your living room. There are so many different types of rubber flooring options that can be installed in any corner of your house and enhance its overall appearance. If you wish to get rubber flooring done in your home or any other space, then check out all the details and advantages of it.

What is rubber flooring comprised of?

Whether it is a homeowner or commercial buyer, anyone can rely on the best rubber floorings that offer incredibly durable and low-maintenance surface options for various spaces. These are either sourced from the natural tree rubber or the synthetic materials that are obtained from the recycled tires. When it comes to the installation in any area, there are several options from which one can pick. It can be a square-edged tile, interlocking tiles or the rubber sheet rolls that can go best with the type of floor you are working upon.

Why should you select rubber flooring?

Rubber flooring offers the most resilient and enduring form of flooring and there lies the main advantage for the customers. It is fair to predict that it has developed a niche flooring market for its typical attributes along with abundance in rubber flooring patterns and intricate designs that adds beauty in the space.

Durability and Resilience

A strong reason that people turn towards the rubber flooring is the overall durability that it provides to the base surface. This sturdy flooring selection stands the test of time and traffic with additional reliance on absorbing impacts and providing slip-proof floors.

Comfort and Convenience

Despite being so durable, rubber floorings are soft underfoot. This indeed is one of the significant reasons why rubber floorings are preferred in gyms, playrooms and fitness studios. Some of the rubber floorings are added with a layer of cork, fabric or foam rubber to create the cushioning effect. The elasticity present in the rubber flooring offers comfort while walking on it. In comparison to most other hard surfaces, objects don’t clang, and clatter and heels don’t click on these floors. Besides, it is known for elevating the comfort level and reducing injuries and fatigue.

Water and Slip Proof

Rubber floorings are resistant to any damages occurring from moisture on both the top and base surfaces of the material. Some of the rubber flooring manufacturers produce tiles which are specially treated to suit the wet environments. Even these floorings excel in the slip resistance category that beats the minimum standard of the “coefficient of friction.” This is the prime reason why gyms prefer to install rubber floorings and off late it has become a popular choice in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Versatile Designs

While in the past, rubber flooring options were only favoured in gyms and play areas, the modern style designs have evolved as a more sleek and functional universal option be it for residential or commercial use. Earlier, it has been limited only to choices like black or slate grey, but today you can observe a wide variety of rubber flooring details like a leaf, coin or diamond plate textures. You can also go natural with the wood finish or emulate a more sophisticated marble pattern. The rubber floorings can help replicate the ambience you are after by accentuating the look.

Maintenance and Repair

Rubber floorings are naturally easy to maintain over a long time. Cleaning mainly involves regularly vacuuming the rubber floors as they tend to accumulate dust and debris. You can also go for wet cleaning with a damp mop dipped in a mixture of water and mild detergent. It is advised to clean the floor quickly once there are any liquid spills on the floors. Generally, rubber flooring is known to be tough and resilient under varied conditions, and if proper care is being implemented, it can last up to 20 years.

Should you choose rubber flooring in your space?

To put this in simple words, there are hardly any spaces where rubber floorings have not been found suitable. It can be compatible with the rooms that are catered to young children and elderly persons of the family as it offers extreme shock absorbency and resilience. Being resistant to water and liquid spillage, it can conveniently be introduced in different sectors like healthcare, hospitality and gyms. In fact, it can endure a tremendous amount of impact from heavy traffic and offers a comforting cushion at the base surface, which makes it quite reliable for different settings. Now, most of the rubber flooring companies are developing customised products that can be introduced in commercial, industrial and residential sectors. Moreover, the rubber flooring cost of installation is minimal, which further makes it a customer-friendly option.

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