Rubber Flooring Rolls

Commercial Rubber Rolls
The wide array of functional utility offered in the custom cut rubber rolls are steadily adapted in many commercial spaces. It gives them the benefit of investment as the product offers a long shelf life without the need for frequent replacement

Gym Rubber Rolls
No doubt that why rubber floorings have been a choice of gyms for several years. These rubber rolls can be easily spread out in wide spaces of the gyms, fitness studios, dance studios, etc. It offers seamless solutions and performs exceptionally well in such setups.

In recent times, the rubber flooring rolls have emerged as an affordable and protective flooring option that performs wells in a variety of applications. These are typically the long and pliable sheets of elastomer that gives a nice seamless look when appropriately installed on the base surfaces. These rubber rolls are available in pre-cut and custom-cut lengths, which means it can be easily accommodated in any space. The daily abuses on the floors like heavy objects and a high volume of traffic can attract chips and cracks in many hard floors. But the rubber roll floorings are known to survive plenty of abuses for its inherent characteristics and offers a layer of shield to the existing floor. Therefore, it is ideal for abrasion resistance when compared to traditional flooring options. Available in various thickness, sizes, colours and designs, rubber floorings rolls are now introduced for residential purposes too.

Benefits of adapting rubber flooring rolls
Impact absorption: Rubber rolls for floors can absorb different types of impacts and vibrations. Accidents and hazards can take place anywhere, be it a home, gym or any other commercial space. Nobody knows when such mishaps can take place, but rubber provides the assurity that your body does not sustain any injuries and pains, especially in body parts like bones, joints and muscles.

Slip Resistance: Spills and splashes are quite common observations that are found everywhere, be it residential, commercial or industrial areas. Both commercial and residential kitchens are prone to liquid spills. Bathroom and pool decks are also susceptible to water splashes. In a garage and industrial sectors oils, lubricants and chemicals spills are common. Likewise, people sweat in gyms and fitness studios which causes the floor to get wet. There can be many reasons for a floor getting moist and turning slippery. But with rubber having a higher coefficient of friction, it helps people to stay grounded and avoid mishaps.

Custom-cut sizes: The rubber rolls can be easily cut in custom length and sizes that fit into any space dimension. These are merely perfect flooring options, be it for commercial or residential purpose. If anyone purchases a pre-cut and tailor-made size, then they can avail the rubber floor rolls at a cheap price.

Easy installation: The custom cut rubber rolls are incredibly easy to install on the floors. Instead of hiring somebody to install these sheets on the floor with a messy adhesive and caulk, you can go for a DIY option. Get the sizes of the rubber rolls perfect for your area, trim the edges a bit and fix them on the floor with the help of double-sided tapes.

Easy maintenance: Rubber floor rolls are quite easy to clean. Go for a regular vacuuming of the floor to eliminate all the dust, debris and grit. Once a week, the floors must be rinsed and mopped with water and mild soap. These simple steps are enough to sustain these rubber floors for a long time.

Affordability: If you are looking for a cheap rubber flooring rolls, then you can also pick the ones that are made from recycled rubber tires. These rubber floors are incredibly durable can withstand extreme conditions like moisture, sunlight, and rough usage. The recycled rubberized covering lasts much longer and is an affordable option compared to other floorings.

Rubber floor rolls can be conveniently installed on different areas. Apart from offering great functional utility, these rolls provide ease and comfort in walking, even in areas that accommodate heavy foot traffic.

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