Rubber Floor Tiles

Interlocking Rubber Tiles
The easiest way to introduce rubber tiles in your space is to go for interlocking rubber tiles. Without worrying much about installation, the interlocking edges around the tiles help them to connect within a short span, and your space is all set to be used again

Rubber Square Tiles
The rubber square tiles are indeed a great option to explore in the rubber tile segment. These are widely used in different places like pavements, playgrounds, kitchen, garage and many such setups. You can quickly install these rubberised flooring with its side edge pins that join all the tiles together and keep them intact.

Rubber Gym Tiles
Whether its a gym, fitness studio or personalised workout space, rubber gym tiles are the most preferred flooring solution for every other user. The tiles provide a stable base to carry out all the sweat burning activities without giving you the fear to sustain accidental injuries.

In the market scenario where hardwood, tiles and ceramics are dominating the flooring industry for its appealing look, are you seeking for a reliable alternative? No doubt why rubber floorings are emerging as the latest craze among the people. It offers a firm base with high resilience and something that requires minimum maintenance. These floorings are a safe, comfortable and smart option of any commercial or residential space and are typically available in tiles and rolls. While custom cut rolls can be easily spread across with the help of an adhesive or caulk, rubber floor tiles require a minimum effort for installation.

It is indeed a great investment as the cost of rubber tiles are marginal and are perfect for homes having small children and older adults. The rubber tile company also produce these tiles for other residential spaces like the patios, pavement, backyard, pool deck, etc. You can also pick up these sturdy rubber floor tiles for areas of your house like basement or garage. Commercial areas like gyms, dance studio, workout spaces, etc., can easily buy rubber floor tiles as it performs exceedingly well in such setups. Besides, the rubber flooring tiles manufacturers make them in various sizes and thickness according to the requirements of the customers.

What rubber floor tiles have to offer?
Impact resistance: Rubber comes with a quality of shock absorbency. This shock-absorbing capacity can prevent severe accidental injuries to small children, older adults and people exercising. It provides additional protection to the tools, workout equipment and the hard floors from unfavourable mishandlings. In fact, rubber tiles have proved to useful for different spaces like a garage, basement, gyms, where you can keep your rachets, tools, weights without worrying about damaging the hard floor.

Natural Traction: Rubber floor tiles provide excellent traction due to its high coefficient of friction. You can easily carry out your work with car and motorcycle even when the floor is wet or moist due to liquid spillage. Similarly, you can avoid fatal accidents owing to the water in areas like bathroom, kitchen or pool decks. You can sweat out or drip water from the bottle during the time of workout, but you can be assured to stay grounded. The traction of rubber will also inhibit mishaps in houses having small children and senile people.

Comfort: Rubber is well known for being elastic and flexible in nature. Unlike the hard concrete base, rubber acts as a cushion when weights are applied to it. The flex of the rubber is vital in relieving the body from stress and fatigue. Being a shock receptive material, it reduces the impact on your bone joints and muscles, especially when you are exercising or lying underneath to fix your car engines.

Noise Reduction: Noise generation is something that you can discover in most other floorings. However, rubber has specific attributes like shock absorbency and flexibility, which neutralises all the mechanical symphony produced due to different activities. It can be any tools and objects that fall on the ground suddenly. Also, intense workout sessions involve putting down heavyweights or spinning cycles which contribute to the noise. If you install rubber workout tiles, you can stay assured to have a peaceful environment.

Minimum Maintenance: Contrary to what most people assume about rubber floorings, it can be feasibly cleaned without much effort. There is no special process involved in cleaning these rubber floor tiles. The users enjoy a particular privilege since the floors are non-porous it doesn’t promote the growth of bacteria, fungi and moulds. Regular vacuuming process will help to eliminate the dust, dirt and grime the accumulates on the floor. It is recommended that at least once a week the rubber floor tiles must be wiped with a mop damped in a mixture of water and a mild cleanser. If there is any spillage, it must be cleaned immediately to avoid getting hard stains. There is no need to use harsh chemicals as it can cause damage on the floors.

Customised floorings: When we speak about rubber floorings, one can only imagine the dull shades in black and grey that used to be predominant in the market. Though it offers a lot of functional utility, you can feel that the choice for aesthetics and beauty are compromised. Not anymore, as rubber tiles manufacturers are offering contrast colour vibrant rubber tiles. The latest ones come with exceptional textures and pattern like speckled hues, faux stone, wood finish to name a few. Besides, the rubber tiles are also available in various sizes and thickness that depends on customer choice and preference.

Easy to install: While you need to install rubber rolls with the help of adhesives or caulks, the rubberised floor tiles can be quickly installed. Some of these tiles have interlocking edges, and some come with edge pins that help to hold the tiles together. The easy to fix mechanism ensures that you buy rubber tiles at nominal prices without paying any additional installation charges.

Reasonably priced: Rubber tiles prices are indeed very reasonable when compared with other floorings options. In fact, you can avail discounts on rubber tiles, especially that are made from recycled rubber. If a particular unit gets damaged, you can easily replace it with another rubber tiles. In contrast to rolls and other seamless floorings where the entire floor requires a costly repair.

Rubber floor tiles are made from the naturally sourced latex of the rubber trees. Most of these rubber tiles can be feasibly introduced on a different floor, whether it is meant for residential or commercial use. Indeed rubber floor tiles are an excellent addition for offering multifaceted benefits to the customers.

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