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Top Wholesale Surgical Market in Delhi

Not only is the Bhagirath Palace market famous for its electrical goods, but it is also the biggest Wholesale Surgical Market in Delhi in Asia. The historic palace has around 550 to 600 businesses selling medical supplies and surgical equipment. 

These shops are located in different sections and areas inside the Palace. Since the market began as an electrical market in 1950, the Palace was formerly exclusively notable for dealing in electrical equipment. However, after 1985, it began trading in medications and surgical equipment, diminishing the palace’s reputation for dealing in electrical equipment.

Bhagirath Palace Market

Bhagirath Palace Market in Chandni Chowk is a hub for all medical and veterinary needs. It has a wide range of surgical devices catering to the needs of physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and retailers. Moreover, according to Ashish Grover, secretary Delhi Pharmaceutical Vendors Association, major players like Lupine, Cipla, Ranbaxy, and Alcam, among others, are pharmaceutical companies belonging to a group of 200-250 pharmacists in this market.

As all kinds of drugs and treatments are launched for sale, antibiotics are the most sought-after drugs in the market. The requirements for different antibiotics vary with seasonal changes and many other characteristics. He said that when the flu is common, various medications are needed, while other times, other antibiotics are needed.

Wholesale Surgical Market in Delhi

Scissors, saws, bone chisels, cannulas, dilators, forceps, retractors, laser scalpels, and other surgical tools are widely available and affordable in this market. Additionally, painkillers, antihistamines, antacids, paracetamol, antibiotics, and antiseptics are exported and exported to various countries. It opens our country up to all sources of growth opportunities.

  • Timings: 10 am to 9 pm
  • Closed Day: Sunday
  • Nearest Metro Station: Chandni Chowk (Yellow Line)
  • Bus Routes: 114+, 990E, 144A, 160, 166, and 901
  • Parking Availability: Yes, available
  • Nearby Markets: Kinari Bazaar, Ballimaran, 
  • Easy Food Availability: Not inside the compound, but outside the market

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Surgical market in delhi

More about it

According to a medicine dealer, medications of every kind are accessible in the market, and retailers and other dealers from the southern and northeastern parts of the country often visit the Bhagirath Palace. Additionally, they regularly purchase and order the stock of medicines and types of equipment in bulk.

We have been reliant on this company for over thirty years. “We are experts in medicines, and we can easily differentiate between the original and the duplicate drug simply by looking at the wrapper,” claimed a medicine dealer. The same dealer also said that the daily transactions in medicine and surgical equipment amounted to around Rs. crore. 

For years, Bhagirath Palace has contributed to the economy by being one of the best hubs for a wholesale surgical market in Delhi. Moreover, it also provides employment and livelihood. Lastly, transactions range from hundreds to crores, which makes wholesale markets in Delhi an important market for all other medical shops as well. 

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